Detoxing and fasting according to Dr. Buchinger / Lützner

Combining relaxing holidays and fasting is a special experience. The framework conditions offer you an atmosphere of well-being paired with professional support: body, mind and soul are supported by gentle impulses, such as walks in the fresh air, meditative exercises or light gymnastics, and you will find your inner sources again – like a new one Start for your life!

What does a week of fasting do?

· Vitality, lightness, bliss, well-being
· Purification, detoxification
· Weight Loss
· Balancing the acid-base balance
· Rejuvenation of the cells, more beautiful, firmer skin
· Increase in the immune system

Course of a fasting week …

A week of fasting cleanses and regenerates body, mind and soul. Under expert guidance, you will switch your diet to the essentials this week. They learn that fasting has a lot to do with enjoyment (and nothing to do with starvation). You will experience that fasting in connection with our special exercise program – meditation, light gymnastics and hiking – is a real balm for body and soul.
With us, a week of fasting begins with a joint relief dinner after arrival – light, organic food that sets the mood for the following days.
On the second day, fasting starts with the traditional Glauber’s drink, the salmirabilis. Four more days of pure fasting follow the Buchinger-Lützner method, at the end of which we break the fast together in the evening.
The last day as a build-up day carefully prepares you for everyday life.

The time that is called life.

Use these special days to switch off, to listen to your body and your inner voice and to really let go. I will accompany you through this week, you will always have enough space and time for yourself, just as you want.

Included services:

· Seven nights
· A biological relief or build-up dinner
· Start fasting with Glauber’s drink
· Five days of pure fasting according to Buchinger-Lützner with fasting soups and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices
· Closing fasting ceremony with entry into the subsequent build-up days
· Sensitive and professional fasting accompaniment
· Enjoyable nutrition training, yoga, meditative and creative program
· Wellness area

Price and date on request

I look forward to welcoming you to a week of fasting soon!

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